Trishnna Tea was started with a simple objective of offering high-quality organic teas. Saurabh and I drink a lot of tea, but we had a hard time finding good-quality tea here in the States. It was good fortune that part of our extended family actually have a long history in the tea industry back in India. When I started looking into our tea problem, they helped me evaluate the possibilities of starting the business.


The first thing we needed to decide was the source of our Tea.. We chose to go with Assam tea for many reasons.. The full-bodied Assam Tea contains the sought-after malty aroma, but also a slight honey fragrance. It is an excellent morning tea and is popularly consumed with milk and spices like cardamom and ginger. Assam Tea is a flavorful black tea, grown in the Indian state of Assam which is situated in the Brahmaputra valley, 120 miles east of Darjeeling and bordering with China, Myanmar, and Bangladesh . Not only that but the Assam Tea Industry utilizes 95% women tea pluckers who in many cases are the primary bread winners for their families!


We are different from many other tea companies since we focus on the origin and source of our ingredients to maintain quality and consistency. By using only USDA organic Indian tea, we can trace back our teas to the exact gardens from which they come. After many trials, we curated a collection of incredible traditional, spicy, fruity and herbal teas.   


We started visiting farmers markets with our products and sampling all new blends before adding them to our portfolio. This provided valuable feedback. We found out that new tea drinkers are interested in good consistent flavors that can be brewed with convenience. So, we focus on making the process simple for people on-the-go without time to sit and brew tea.   


The next most important thing is figuring out the combinations and additives to produce different flavors. We chose to make blends that have zero added sugars and free of harmful chemicals. We add real fruits, flowers and herbs to create our flavors too. A lot of flavors can be created with healthy ingredients that are known for their health benefits. - Turmeric, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Rose Hips, Cinnamon.. the list goes on..Plus we focus on getting our herbs from the best places of origin.. i.e. Lavender from France, Chamomile from Egypt, Ginger & Turmeric from India etc. I challenge you to taste test these.. I bet you can really taste the difference in our tea's versus the other ones in the market. Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction policy. If you don't like it, let us know and we will make every attempt to rectify it!


Our brand is all about sustainability and natural healthy products. We believe in the power of nature and seek to harness the same through the ingredients in our teas.




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