Black Lives Matter #BLM

Trishnna Tea stands with the #BlackLivesMatter movement


As immigrants from India who moved to this country as young adults, this issue is really close to our hearts. When we were students back home in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, we were quite naïve about the real world and always imagined USA as a country that provides equal opportunities regardless of caste, color, and religion.

Fast forward a few years… For most immigrants like us, the culture shock regarding racial differences in America comes in waves, which could be due to our unfamiliarity with local colloquialism and references that more often than not have subtle hints of racial superiority, condescending remarks, and even veiled violence.

While we had to learn to adapt (wasn’t easy!) and have made friends and relationships that we are thankful for, we realize that our silence ultimately allows systematic racism to continue to exist within the veins of the people of our community. And now, we all know how perilous it gets when a racist goes from making a snide remark to committing an unforgivable crime.

We realize that not being personally racist is not enough. As residents of the USA and responsible members of the community, our collective responsibility lies in undoing the years of racism that still takes place far too casually in board meetings, around watercoolers, inside supermarkets, and behind closed doors.

We realize that this issue is much bigger than any of us and if we are not an active participant in fighting against it, we have no right to complain about it from the comfort of our couches.

So, we are here to make amends right now.

This is not a fight of the state versus its citizens. It may be too little too late if you are waiting to outrage after a George Floyd loses his life at the hands of a racist cop. This is a stance you have to maintain daily. It could be with your friends, your parents, your colleagues or anyone you see extending silent support to racism. Calling out one of our own can be difficult but we all must share that responsibility—we owe it to our privilege.

Trishnna Tea whole-heartedly supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement and stands by our fellow people of color. We are firmly against discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, race, age, and orientation. We’d also like to encourage other businesses to see past it and give everyone an equal chance to represent their values.

We pledge to speak up for the values we want this country to reflect. We acknowledge our individual duty in unlearning the rules of the society, getting our hands dirty, and rebuilding the society to be truly respectful towards each other.

We have a voice but we are to be blamed for letting ‘it’ slide every time and accepting ‘it’ as status quo.

No more. And we sincerely hope that you join us.

*Authors: Bhavika Bhuwalka, Garima Bhuwalka, Saurabh Kajaria 

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