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Why Trishnna Tea:

Trishnna Tea is a direct from source importer of Organic, conventional, Fair Trade, Herbal and exclusive teas. Working with the tea plantations and importing from source makes us stand-out in quality while offering customers fair and competitive prices. 

We operate our own tea facility right here in Houston,TX with the capability and ability to cater needs of Large Chain stores, restaurants, café to start up tea shops and tea rooms. Our teas undergo as little processing as possible to preserve their natural flavor, innate characteristics and benefits. All of our teas have been taste tested to make sure we are always offering top quality teas. 

Tea and your business:

Offer your customers some of the highest-quality, best-tasting teas in the world! From traditional favorites to whimsical, imaginative blends, our range of Teas is ideal for everyone from the first-time tea-drinker to the connoisseur.

North American customers are no longer satisfied by a flat, paper bag filled with a nondescript, black powder – especially considering the fragrant aroma, beautiful appearance and exquisite flavor of loose leaf tea. Fortunately, our high-quality, whole-leaf tea is both easy and profitable..

Loose tea advantage:

  • Our teas undergo as little processing as possible to preserve their natural flavor, innate characteristics and benefits
  • Zero preservative or artificial flavoring teas are available 
  • Our base teas are USDA Organic Certified 
  • The CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl) is method used for manufacturing lower quality leaves that end up in tea bags and are processed by machines. We use Orthodox method, where processing is done by hand which results in High quality loose leaf tea.
  • All our teas are from evergreen tree Camellia sinesis that has found to possess many healing properties.
  • Our teas are available in a sealed air tight stand up pouch locking the freshness of tea leaves.
  • We are committed to purchase tea in an ethical and sustainable manner, regardless of labels and certifications.

Tea for Food Service:

Serving gourmet tea not only shows your customers that you care about their experience; it is also an easy, affordable way to differentiate your business from the competition, enhance your company’s image and increase profits. Also keep in mind that the tea-drinker is often a different person than the coffee drinker. Offering unique, high-quality tea will increase tea sales overall. This is especially meaningful when you consider the high profit margins afforded by a cup of tea and the fact that you can market an additional product to customers already in your restaurant or café.

Brewing loose tea is easier than ever, In fact, preparing a cup of loose-leaf is faster and easier than making fancy coffee drinks. To keep things simple, we recommend using 1 heaping teaspoon of loose tea for a small (8 Oz) cup and 1 full tablespoon for a large (16 Oz) teapot/cup. Simply add a spoonful of tea to a Fill-your-Own tea bag or tea pot and add boiling water. Ingenious products such as Tea pockets (Make-Your-Own Tea bags) allow you to serve our high-quality, loose tea with the convenience of a traditional tea bag.

Loose leaf tea is surprisingly affordable luxury and provides exceptional profit margins. On average, 1 pound of tea will yield around 200 heaping tea spoons (8Oz Cups). This will help you estimate the cost-per-serving by dividing the price-per-pound by 200.

For example: Tea priced @ $16/Pound will cost around $0.08 for an 8 Oz cup. As you can see the cost-per-cup for loose leaf tea yields high profit margins and is within mere pennies of mass-produced low-grade tea bags. When you consider the difference in quality and customer reaction, your value increases many folds.

Tea Bags and loose Leaf Tea:

A large portion of tea connoisseurs prefer their tea loose, carefully steeped in a teapot. Tea snobs say that only good tea is loose leaf tea and generally the higher quality tea is reserved for sale as loose tea.

Generally tea in tea bags is either tea dust or fanning. Dust and fanning are found at the bottom of the barrels or (as rumor has it) swept from tea-factory floors. This serves two purposes; the smaller pieces have a greater surface area and steeps quick & efficient. Low grade tea bags go stale very quickly and well before they reach grocery store shelves. The standard thin paper box and plastic wrap – Which does little to protect the nutritional value of leaves and only enhances the problem. Most of the tea bags found on grocery store shelves are well-past their prime; the small bits of tea infuse unevenly in hot water so the resulting brew may have more caffeine and less healthy benefits.  Tea bags are also limited to only a few varieties and limited choices.

Fortunately, the popularity of high-quality, whole-leaf tea is on the rise as consumers learn more about the amazing health benefits and stress-relieving properties found in a daily cup. High-quality, whole-leaf tea offers tremendous variety, more healthy properties, and a better taste. According to scientific research, high-quality, fresh, whole-leaf teas may be up to 300% healthier than low-grade teabags.