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Believe it or not, Trishnna Tea was born because four years ago when my husband and I had been craving authentic Indian tea for months and we couldn’t find what we were looking for anywhere in the US without breaking the bank!

Saurabh has been in the States for over a decade now and I moved here in 2015. Being from India, not only did we miss drinking our classic teas, but also found a distinct lack of high-quality organic tea options in the domestic US market.

With the simple objective of offering just that, we co-created Trishnna Tea. And if we were going to do something, we were going to do it right.

So, in addition to using 100% USDA Organic tea, all our products are ethically sourced and single origin. We are firm believers of running a sustainable business model that is mindful of creating income for women and caring for the environment. I am a new mom and that has just made me discover more reasons than ever to care for our future generations by standardizing natural and sustainable business practices.

In India, tea is slowly brewed, but we have evolved our offerings for the busy American tea drinker to make it on-the-go. Saurabh is my chief taster and flavor consultant and I trust him to come up with the most interesting and genuine products. Our sincere quest for innovation has resulted in our unique tea blends winning awards and more importantly our customers hearts.

Now we can trace back our teas to the exact Indian gardens they were grown in. This not only helps us maintain quality and consistency, but also ensure that we have our heart in what we do. Trishnna Tea is our small but determined effort to introduce high-quality healthy teas in America, and we are nothing but proud of how our brainchild has turned out.


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Garima Bhuwalka

President & CEO



Our logo is inspired from the ancient 'kalpavriksha' -the tree that gives. It was believed to have power to fulfill wishes. We believe that nature has bestowed similar power in tea, fruits and flowers.
Some call it the Tree of Life...We believe that the power of nature is a common thread across cultures all over the world. We seek to harness the same power through the ingredients in our teas.


Trishnna is Sanskrit for ‘the feeling of thirst’. In Buddhism, it is associated with craving. It was our desire to bring you a product that would not only please your senses; it would also allow you to unite with the experience