We started this company with a simple objective of creating good tasting teas at affordable prices. We use the finest organic teas from India which are blended with natural dried fruits and herbs to create amazing flavors without any calories in a cup. We are different from other tea companies since we focus on the origin and source of our ingredients quality and consistency. By using only Organic Indian tea, we can trace back our teas to the exact gardens they came from. We have a curated collection of traditional, spicy, fruity, and herbal blends that will delight the discerning as well as casual drinkers.

We love Tea, we just do! For the last two years, we have been vending at 8-10 farmers markets in Houston where our products have gained widespread popularity all over town. Our customer base ranges from eight-year-old kids who love fruity teas to 80-year-olds who are looking for healthy local drinks.

We only source the best tasting, ethically farmed, single-origin, high grown teas from India which are carefully blended with natural and flavorful ingredients right here in Houston,TX.

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Garima Bhuwalka

President & CEO



Our logo is inspired from the ancient 'kalpavriksha' -the tree that gives. It was believed to have power to fulfill wishes. We believe that nature has bestowed similar power in tea, fruits and flowers.
Some call it the Tree of Life...We believe that the power of nature is a common thread across cultures all over the world. We seek to harness the same power through the ingredients in our teas.


Trishnna is Sanskrit for ‘the feeling of thirst’. In Buddhism, it is associated with craving. It was our desire to bring you a product that would not only please your senses; it would also allow you to unite with the experience