What we as a brand believe in and thrive for

Trishnna Tea’s vision is to provide a high quality tea experience with focus on quality and simplicity that makes tea drinking easier and fun for everyone!

When we started this business, we had 3 primary goals:

Quality and Price : Teavana was the #1 tea retailer in the country and when we took some of their blends to show to Tea experts in India, we found out that they were selling “Not Premium” quality tea at exorbitant prices. We figured out that we could create an economical business model if we stayed away from brick and mortar to keep overhead low and still offer better quality and fair prices. We started blending teas with herbs, fruits etc. and went to farmers markets all over Houston- sometimes 5-6 every week to sample our blends. We got live and direct customer feedback which was  then used to modify or remove the recipe as needed.

Traceability: Most offerings in the USA is made with tea that has been sourced from multiple countries/gardens/brokers/traders with little to no emphasis on the source and origin of the tea. We decided we wanted to focus on single estate teas from India sourced directly from gardens so you could trace each cup back to where the leaves were grown.

Healthy tea’s: A good majority of tea drinkers are looking for health benefits from tea and herbs. We started making tea blends without any added sugar and healthy herbs like ginger, turmeric, ginseng and dried fruits along with USDA organic tea.

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