What is Tea Concentrate- Infused with Raw Honey?

The inspiration behind honey infused tea was the constant desire to simplify the process of making tea.

As we setup booths at countless farmers markets, our interactions with customers led us to believe that one of their primary issue with tea was the time and straining process for making loose leaf tea.

We started constantly researching ways to simplify tea making process. One time when we setup our booth next to a local bee keeper at a farmers market, we noticed that a lot of our customers buy both tea and honey at the same time.

We started researching and talking with our beekeeper neighbors about the process of extracting honey, making creamed honey and how honey is a great natural preservative.

One day, we came home with an idea and started playing with honey and tea to make some sweetened brewed tea. One thing led to another and we realized that if we made a concentrate, it could simply be dissolved in a cup of water to make a cup of tea. This was the birth of the Honey Infused Tea Concentrate!