Keto Tea- Unstoppable Health Win High Energy Green Tea




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Product type: Flavored Teas

Vendor: Trishnna Tea

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By popular choice- High Energy KETO TEA! Minty green tea blend that gets you up and going!

Add Stevia Leaves for sweetness. 

Makes up to 40 cups of tea per 3 OZ bag. Brewing instructions on the bag.

Energetic tea blend that has a delicious taste. The blend has rich ingredients like Ginseng, Milk Thistle, Mint and Cinnamon. The liquor has a sweet flavor with a mint taste that is pleasant and enjoyable. Also known as UHW- Unstoppable Health Win tea.

Can be enjoyed as hot brew or iced tea.

Ingredients : Organic Herbal Green Tea Leaves, Mint, Milk Thistle, Ginseng, Cinnamon, Rose buds

Loose leaf tea packaged in re- seal bags